Tashkent Open propels Locals to World stage

15 September 2016

When Jenya Dedusheva was asked to  officiate  the women's  singles match between Nao Hibino and Bojana Jovanovski  at the 17th Tashkent Open as a  chair umpire  last year ,  it was  some kind of dream come true   for  Jenya an ITF Bronze badge official.

Having started as a ball kid at the event 10 years ago  to  now sitting on the chair  Jenya's  journey completes a cycle , , but it's not  Jenya  alone , but about 25 other officials from  all the regions of Uzbekistan  who have benefited from   international events like the  Tashkent Open.

The same aptly applies to the head of officiating programme  in Uzbekistan Andrei Kornilov who has been recently promoted as a Gold Badge referee by  the ITF .  His journey    started as a   ball kid at Tashkent open 17 years ago , he then became a line umpire , then worked as a white badge chair umpire then a  silver badge chair  umpire appointed by the WTA to ultimately becoming the Referee of the event.

"  Hundreds  of people have  benefitted from  working in tennis events   . Today we have 6 ITF Certified officials and their success can be attributed to the International events that take place in our Republic.  I can see the progress and me and my colleagues  surely owe  success to the forward looking initiatives taken by the Uzbekistan tennis federation  and to all involved with Tashkent open over the years " says Kornilov  

The organization of Tashkent Open helps us to meet international officials and learn from them . Also the   players   give us suggestions and   feedback which helps to put a good show year after year".  I have not stopped growing and still get to learn   from the feedback and interactions.   My next generation        ( my daughter) is also working as a ball kid at the event" I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey , when I look back, he says

It's also  matter of pride for me that my colleagues Ruslan Tursonov  and Alexander Bagdasarov also have gained from various events like these , they have been promoted  from  being lines umpire to being appointed as the  chief of officials for the Tashkent Open over the years " , he said .   Kornilov also names Dmitry Durandis , Sanjar  Muydinov  who have moved on  from being  linesmen   to sitting on  chairs at various international events held across Uzbekistan umpire

It's  just not the officials but also how the administration has gained , take the case of  LIm Valera who has graduated  from  being a Court asst  10 years ago to  becoming the  Tournament Director of the Tashkent Open and the  Tournament Director  for Challenger and Futures events in the regions .

" It's been lot of hard work , but I have enjoyed every bit of it ,I  have learnt and understood so much from the events like Tashkent open . " I have learnt to deal with things professionally and even my team understands the needs and perform exceedingly well , he says.

We have developed a well oiled machinery which ensures smooth progress of events .  Stass Tsoy , Sergei Yalgarov   who are from the regions have also graduated from being court assistants   to taking on independent responsibilities  and also  helping us to organize events  in the regions , " they know about the standards of the international tournaments and are always prepared , adds Valera. 

 Lilya Khodjaeva  who started as an assistant in the Press centre about 15 years looks after the administration o f the events   ,  also works in the Uzbek Federation and coordinates the swing of 13 professional events and 4 junior events and  national championships  in Uzbekistan .

Also Govkhar Azimova who started in the UTF office has moved to be the pillar of strength of the tournament in international relations of the tournament organizing the visa, hospitality which are most vital and outmost concern  for  players  .

 Every year Ball  kids look  for progress hoping  to  become lines umpire  , line umpires to become chair umpires and  so  many people trying   to get involved in other departments  continuing the success stories of many  . 

"  Events like the Tashkent open don't only produce stars on the courts but also stars of the courts" echelons of the sport. Not only are these of court stars  using their skills to make the Tashkent open one of the most professionally managed event , but one of the most hospitable and enjoyable events on the WTA  calender without any doubt.