Mayor’s message

16 September 2009

To participants of international tennis tournament “Tashkent Open”
Dear friends, respected guests, charming participants of our international tennis tournament!
I am very pleased to see you all well and fine, in peace and serenity in the capital of our sunny Republic - the city of Tashkent. Welcome to Tashkent Open-2009!
As you are well aware, women tennis had experienced many reforms. Women tennis association, having analyzed all the tournaments upon completion of last season, decided to cut its number, leaving the best and most perspective ones. Starting 2009, 17 of the biggest tournaments are included in the ‘Premier’ group and the other 31 in the ‘International Group”. We are very pleased that Tashkent Open with its 14 year history was included among these tournaments.
The unique peculiarity of the present ‘Tashkent Open’ is that it is held in the year of the 2200 anniversary of our beautiful city. Your present visit to Tashkent demonstrates that one of the most ancient cities of the world with its rich history is in its own way attractive to tennis players. This also proves the fact that the tournament organizers perform their functions with great joy and commitment in full compliance with all requirements of the Women Tennis Association.
Tashkent Open has a great tradition: every year new tennis names are being opened, its courts become a starting stage for many talented tennis players. And we are sincerely pleased that tennis players, who win their first matches and titles at our tournament, do not stop from conquering new heights and rise in the world rankings each year.
I am convinced that Tashkent Open 2009 will keep this tradition, and present its spectators a number of thrilling matches.
I wish all of you luck on the courts as well as in your lives and have a great and memorable week in our ancient and beautiful city!

Abdukahhor Tuhtayev
Khokim of Tashkent City.