Interview of the Day - Alexandra Krunic

26 September 2017

24 year Alexandra Krunic is enjoying the best phase of her career , her performances in the last three months have propelled her to her career best ranking of 56 ,  Krunic reached  her first WTA-level final at Guangzhou last week  where she went down  , but earlier  won  the WTA 125K Series Event in Bol. 

Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent Media team spoke to Alexandra Krunic about the reasons that have seen her rise rapidly in rankings in the last three months.

 Q:  First about your match today?

Ans; It was a close and tight first set against Richel HogenKamp , She came from Seoul and me from Guangzhou and it’s been a long journey for both of us  ,  it was more of  a mental match ,it was difficult to maintain momentum , but I'm happy I took the first set and she cracked up in the second . The first match is difficult, I find the courts have been resurfaced and to my liking.

Q : You've had a fabulous run in the last 3 months and sure there is something that has got Alexandra Going?

Ans : You are right  ,  After French open I was looking at closing season  as was not enjoying tennis was not fun for me anymore. I was struggling, was losing matches and I started hating myself with negative emotions at peak. These feelings were within me since the past year.  Practices were no more fun; I was struggling on and off the court

At the French Open final qualifiers,   I hit rock bottom and was on verge of quitting the season and then I decided either I make drastic changes to myself or quit

Q : Then ?

Ans : I spoke to myself  and realized I needed to speak to someone , with help from my Psychologist I decided to  think in different way.  We decided that I should enjoy tennis more and  scores and results should not bother me , From then on I  have  let my , body , hands  and legs  do their job and Brains and emotions not getting in their  way.  I was happy to make right decision and it turned correct, and I can see the results coming. I have found the right way and enjoying tennis again

Q : You are not big Physically big  , but how do you get even with the larger girls ?

 Ans : Definitely speed is my weapon ,my speed of legs and arms ,  It is difficult to overpower bigger girls   but I  try and  play longer points which  is my strength  , I also accept that there are flaws in my physical appearances , but also there are pluses , The Most important  strength is  to  keep myself fresh and my legs fresh to keep running and chasing everything .

Q: Last few weeks have done wonders to your ranking and you will be starting the new season on a high?

I'm Positive with the beginning of the year, as I will be in main draw of grand slams which is something new for me. I never had it like this before this , the rankings will definitely help  and give a  lot of relief and good time to plan my schedule. I will not have too much pressure on me of playing 3 rounds of Quails before the first round. I will be quite fresh for main draw henceforth on many Tour events. 

Played Nice matches in the last four months  and played  good  matches week by week , and in the  First half don't have to defend points but it’s Important that I keep enjoying and giving my  best  and not to judge myself to much.