Interview - Pauline Parmentier

25 September 2017

Champion of the 2007 edition Pauline Parmentier  is back at the Tashkent Open exactly 10 years after she won the event ,  Ranked in the top 50 the Frenchwomen has been off and on the court due to shoulder injuries , with nothing to lose , Pauline is enjoying herself playing the sport she has played for more than 15 years

The winner of WTA events at Tashkent in 2007 ,  Bad Gastein in 2008  and  member of the French Fed Cup Team, 2010-13, 2015 and the  French Olympic Team, 2008 spoke to Sunder Iyer  of the Tashkent Media Team about the highs and lows of her career and also some advice for Budding tennis stars


Q: The first match is always tough physiologically?

Ans:  Yes it’s been 10 years since I played here and I’m  happy to be here ,  It was a good match ,  I didn't play a lot this summer , needed some rhythm. and some form ,  happy to come through the first match in two sets


Q:  Life On the tour so far?

Ans:   It's not been   easy to be on the top, injury on shoulder has affected my career  , I had some great years  but injury pushed me back.  I realized it’s not easy to come back, you have to play younger  players  who are fitter and healthier and it makes task difficult. But I'm happy to have stuck on , worked hard  though I took  some time to come back . However I couldn’t reach my, best ranking but I'm happy to be playing and enjoying myself.


Q:  How has the game changed in the last decade?

Ans: The game is improving every year, Players are playing faster  there is a lot of aggression in the game than before . Players are   Physically fitter , they a paying more attention to  their recovery ,  it's just not practice now that is importance   but things like diet , fitness regimes  , , so many things that affect you , the sport is changing for good.

Q : Advice for young Tennis players ?

Ans:  Never give up  , you may lose first rounds for a full year but  keep going working hard , fight every match, at  one point it can turn one has to be patient , work hard results will follow.

Life is fast, here is travel , one has to  take planes move continents it is really difficult  but truly a good experience . It is tough to explain, but for players there is life on tour , and there are new challenges  while you are playing , and newer challenges  waiting for you once you finish the sport


Q: So what are the newer challenges that you look to face after the sport?

Ans :  I'm looking at playing for a couple of years , and be injury free , . At the moment It’s tough to think of  life without tennis.  But I'm  talking to people  for  a future career ,I  would not like to want to do coaching , but would like to be associated  with management or administration of sports in future.

Q: You thoughts about Tashkent Open?

Ans :  It's good to be back here , I've not come back for 10 years  , but since the last time I was in Tashkent , there are so many positive changes about the event,   the venue has got  better , arrangements getting professional  , the hotel is very good , What remains the same is the warm hospitality and the ever smiling people . I'm truly happy to be back to Tashkent.