Interview of the day - Denisa Allertová

28 September 2015

Czech tennis player Denisa Allertova   scored her first Top 5 victory   at 2015 Guangzhou International Women's Open, where she defeated World No. 2 Simona Halep 6-4, 6-3 in the quarterfinals and then put out  former  Australian Open Winner Sarra  Errani of Italy 7-5,6-2  in the semifinals to reach her first WTA final , where she went down to ultimate winner Jelena Jankovic .

Allertová has won nine singles and two doubles titles on the ITF tour in her career. On 17 August 2015, she reached her best singles ranking of world number 76.  She played in her first grandslams main draws in 2015 and she advanced to second round at all four GS tournaments. Allertová scored her first Top 10 victory at 2015 US Open, where she defeated No. 10 Carla Suárez-Navarro 6-1, 7-6(5) in the first round.

Denisa jumped to her best ever ranking of 57   this week , she  spoke to the Tashkent Open Media Team about why she had to pull out of Tashkent Open at the last minute. She however said her proudest  moment of her life was when she took  her grandmother (a former  tennis player) to Wimbledon this year as a part of her entourage.    

Q. Tennis Lovers in Tashkent will miss you , why did you have to withdraw  ?

A.  I have Recurring Abs injury so I had to withdraw from the event and I'm  so sorry couldn't play here. I played a lot of tennis last week and the injury has aggravated I have been advised rest. But I came here to see what I'm missing and will surely come and play here next year.





Q. It's been a great last week for  you two big wins in two days and your first career final at  Guangzhou?

A. It was an   unbelievable week for me, hope it is not the last final , it is just the bringing beating Halep and Errani and enjoyed it a lot. I was first time for me to have big wins , I never thought I will be in final , I have  got lot of  good experience.

Q. What have these wins done to you , and how have they changed your outlook towards your game ?

A.  It has improved my confidence a lot , now I feel I  can play  against top players with better confidence and also   beat them , I now need to be more confident  and , step by step try and play best tennis ,  Thanks for telling me that my ranking moved to 57 , My aim at the beginning of the year was to get into top 50 and stay there. It's happening

Q. You are young what would like to tell other emerging women and juniors players ?

A. One needs to be strong , not give up , sometimes it is hard with the travelling , you have  to be strong   mentally once you start travelling , it's hard without family and friends , you spend lot of time on tournaments , being alone  and fighting alone ,  not give up and keep going .

Q. It must be so tough on the tour ,  and  when you see others of your age enjoy life what do you do when you feel lonely? .

A. For  professional sportsperson   It's hard life , it's hard to find someone who understands you and knows what  are doing , so many a times you are alone , there are not too many friends on the tour , so if I'm travelling with a coach or my parents I feel comfortable , but when I'm alone and down ,  I  Watch  movies , listen to music , Chat with my friends

Q. Now that You've got a forced break what are your plans ?

A. Actually I'm happy to go back home ,  I will get some time off  ,  I will spend time with parents and friends and enjoy life a little bit , take rest and coffee with friends

You are from family of tennis players has it made an impact on you ?

 A. yes  My grandmother played tennis ,  My mom played tennis but not good as my grandmother , my Grandfather was an tennis official , actually my grandmother took me to the courts when I was 4 years old . 

Q. What has been your proudest moment this year ?

 A.  My grandmother is my greatest fan  and I took  My grandmother as my guest to Wimbledon this year  and she was so happy to see top players around  and  also proud to see me playing in  that league , this truly brought me happiness and that's the proudest moment of my Life .