Interview of the Day- Urszula Radwanska

10 September 2014

Urszula Radwanska the 23year old youngster from Poland ,  loves coming to Tashkent and even her results speak of it , making it to the quarterfinals after an upset win over fifth seeded Donna Vekic Radwanska  spoke to Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent  Open Media  .

Q. About her win ?

 I love playing here in Tashkent and have been coming back every year . I enjoy my stay and I love the courts , these are the kind of courts I'm used to practicing and love the speed. I'm happy to have come out with a win as Donna is a dangerous player . I'm happy to have won and made it to the last eight

 Q.  About having been out of the top 50 since the last 2 years ?

I have been out due to a shoulder injury and subsequent operation . I was 29 in the world in 2012, then 40 in 2013 ,  but at the end of the season I was injured and missed major events . I lost many points and with it my ranking and my confidence and have had to fight back

Q.  It must be a tough to having to go through the grind ?

 It happens to players and part of a circle, It's tough when you lose points , then the rankings and  then confidence , but I decided that I want to make a comeback and have worked towards it, I'm fitter and giving it 100 %, this result will help a lot

 Q.   Your effort must be needing a lot  of mental strength  ?

 Yes true there is lot on strength one needs mental and physical , but I always had belief in  myself , when I started winning some matches I felt that I can make a comeback , and started working hard . Now I feel healthy and confident


Q. Your thoughts on the Tashkent Open?

I have been coming here for around five years now ,and for sure the event is getting better and better, the level of competition is going up. The players party was excellent and the facilities are good, I like coming here and will continue to do