Interview of the day – Akgul Amanmuradova

8 September 2014

By Sunder Iyer 
On behalf of the Tashkent Open Media Team

Once Uzbekistan’s top tennis star Akgul Amanmuradova  lost her rankings after a 10 month  complete layoff from tennis due to a surgery and then stress fracture on her foot. It was a great comeback for the local star who has won her first match  at Tashkent Open after2 years . Coming in as a wild card entrant she brought the goodly home crowd something to cheer about  she spoke to the media team.

Congratulations on a good come back  on your home turf ?
Akgul :
  Yes truly it's a comeback of sorts for me to register my first win on the WTA Tour exactly after a year. I had to go through a major surgery  which put me out for nearly a year. I feel happy to compete back at the highest level once more.

Tell us about your injuries and the long layoff?
 Smiles, I have had small injuries before and lost some time , but the surgery I went through last year was serious. i could not even move my fingers , but after the surgery I was fine , then I had a stress fracture on my foot and that kept me out for further some time. I started from around 1001 in April again . The most difficult time was to be away from the  courts.

The layoff must not have been easy  and the comeback more difficult  ?
Akgul :
 Frankly the whole of the period I was away , changed my perspective to tennis. I really felt happy to hit the first ball after my surgery. I was watching the French Open from my bed in the hospital and saw players , sliding , moving on the clay courts which is my favorite surface and really felt sad . I had been at the Roland Garros just a year back and I could think of all this and felt frustrated with my situation.

But I took it positively and this has helped me to change my outlook and the way I look at tennis. I'm more happy that I can play again. "Sometimes we don't appreciate what we have and  I have learnt that".  

So is it a new Akgul we are seeing?
Akgul  : 
Yes true , I'm much older , experienced and matured with time and the circumstances around , I just cannot express my feelings , it has to be experienced

What are your goals  ?
  I don't want to plan too much in advance  as I believe anything can happen , but I have no pressure  as there are no pints  nothing to defend till May  , I would be very happy if  I can make points enough to make it to the  qualifying of the Australian Open 2015.

 Would you like to concentrate on playing more doubles ?
   No I will play both till I can , I'm physically fit now and worked hard during my rehabilitation  and this is showing on my fitness ,I feel I still have some more time  also now if you see women are lasting on the tour much  more than earlier

It was great to watch so many people come to watch you play today and cheer for you?
 It’s a good so many people came to watch the match on their own, The crowd support helped me morally and I’m surely not going to let them down . Also for the youngsters watching there was a lesson” If one keeps fighting results will come”