Interview of the Day - Donna Vekic

13 September 2012

Sixteen year old Croatian Donna Vekic is the new star on the horizon, her game defies her age , making it to her first ever WTA semifinal of a Tour event she displayed superlative playing abilities knocking out three top 100 players so far.

Vekic who started the year playing $25K challengers, suddenly find herself in the middle of spotlight extending her career record to 35 wins and 8 losses this year.
Vekic , showed her confidence while talking to Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent Open Media in her first Interview of her career at a WTA event.

Q. About your match today ?

"Reaching the semifinals at a WTA tour event has not sunk in yet ", I’m happy that I played very well . I went into the match with a lot of confidence . I went for every ball and happy to have won against a top 100 player for three days in a row now

Q. Coming into the event at Tashkent as qualifier and now a semifinalist ?

Actually I’m happy that I got to play the qualifiers , I had the feeling of the courts and every match helped me to get better. My aim is to play every match better than the last one. I don’t care if I lose too, because I learn from the matches I loose. I have worked hard this year and hard work pays off

Q. You have already made 130 points and its going to be big jump in your young career?

I try not to think about all this , and if you think too much one may lose focus , All I want is to play well and do well .

Q. Your journey from Challengers to WTA tour has been like dream , when so many struggle to get here ?

Like I said for every different player , things are different , it is a different game . For me It’s going to the court and doing my best , whatever is the tournament . I have great coach and I just follow what he has planned for me

Q. Yes as a junior will you have tournament restrictions due to your age ?

I leave it to my coach , he is a great guy and he will plan out the right schedule for me , the only thing for me is to focus

Q. How has been the journey from the junior level to the professional level?

I stopped playing juniors after I lost in the junior quarterfinals at Wimbledon , I decided that my junior tennis was over and decided to concentrate on the senior circuit . It is totally a different ball game , I felt I adjusted more to the senior level and have been comfortable.

Q . At 16 years , players are enjoying life on and off court but you seemed to be different and determined ?

I love tennis , and I don’t think like a 16 year old. In tennis one has to grow fast and I think I have matured fast . I love tennis and want to be playing . I have to physically and mentally get stronger and focus on developing my game. The aim I have set up is probably play at a Grand Slam soon but firstly get into the top 150.