Interview of the Day - Irina Camelia Begu

13 September 2012

Irina Camelia Begu decided on coming to the Tashkent Open, just five days before the event and today feels she has taken the right decision after she came back from being 2-5 to record her second consecutive win over a seeded player at the event. The tall and lanky Romanian came back to upset eighth seeded Galina Voeskobova in a thriller

Begu formerly ranked 38 spoke to Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent Open Media team after her win today

Q. About your match today ?

I played very good tennis especially being down 2-5 in the third set, it’s not easy to play against Galina but I kept my focus.

At 2-5 I just decided to just keep my serve and return every ball, it is very difficult to break Galina but I did it twice and kept my nerves.

Q. Coming into the event at Tashkent, did you come with a goal?

I wanted to skip the event, but then I made up my mind to play the event just 5 days before and then applied for the visa and managed to come here. I have come here without any pressures of ranking or points , my aim was to just have more matches improve my game and consistency and I’m happy that I have been able to do so in the last few days

Q. Two upsets in two days, it must make you happy?

Yesterday I played well to win against Cornet ,and today against Galina, let me tell you today was tougher , Galina is a good friend of mine and its difficult to play her , but winning is always nice. I’m happy that I am playing well and my game is coming back

Q. How has been the year for you so far?

I didn’t have a good year, I lost a lot of points and my ranking took a tumbling downward. My whole focus has been not to get out of the top 100 ranking and I have been successful on this front , the results here will help me start my ascend back to where I left.

Q What is your road map for the ascent back?

I was 38, and I have to get there and even better than that. I played and won against Wozniacki at the US open a top 10 win for me this year and reached 3 semifinals this year on the Tour. I have to improve on physical aspect , my consistency and self belief , Now I’m believing in my self and the next two months will also give me time to work on these aspects.

Q. Romania suddenly has so many players in top 100 , what is the success of this recipe ?

Frankly I don’t have an answer , but it is true . The generation of 1991 as we call ourselves are doing well. We were all good juniors and have played as a team and has helped us all . Rolacu made it to the top 50 and this started some kind of positive reaction and we felt we also could do it.

Q . Tashkent Open, your view ?

I have been pleasantly surprised to everything up to standard , the hotel the hosptality and the organization have been of the highest level and frankly didn’t expect it . The city from whatever little we have seen is very nice and clean