Interview of the Day - Alexandra Panova

12 September 2012

Alexandra Panova is a regular at the Tashkent Open , this year is her sixth year at the Tashkent Open , she has made the last eight twice, and has a record of losing to the eventual finalist or the winner four years in a row.
Alexandra has made rapid moves in her career since her first appearances a teen to make it to the top 100. Ranked seventh at Tashkent Open, she says that she is serious contender for the title this year.

Alexandra spoke to Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent Open Media team after her win today

Q. About your match today ?

Misaki is good player, but I played as planned, to play fast to serve well and not give her any time to settle, I did it all today and made a good result.

Q. This is your second quarterfinal at Tashkent, and you have always fallen to the winner of the event before?

(Smiles) Oh so I’ve somewhat lucky for the winners over the years, but hopefully luck will be on my side. I made my first big points here and may be my first WTA title might come here too. However one thing is for sure I’ll keep coming to Tashkent till I win a title here I have a lot of support here

Q. This is your first year in the top 100 after quite a stuggle for years how do you feel today?

I was in the 140 ranking bracket for nearly 3 years, and the jump to the top 100 was tough, the jump to the top 50 now is tougher, so these are milestones one has to achieve as a professional. This is the first year that I have been in main draws of all the Grand Slam. I need to take one bigger step to move into the top 50 and I’m working hard on it. My team of my sister who is my travelling coach and my new coach work on the plans and I know I have to work very hard to achieve it. My motto is to be the best and do the best.

Q. You have had consistent results this year ?

My growth on the circuit has been a organic one and not too many jumps, I have had a consistent growth and sometimes this is very good. For me I have been able to go step by step and have had consistent results, including a final at Bogota and some doubles win, but I believe that you have to be feared on the tour with your performances

Q What is the difference that you have observed between the different levels you have played?

Speed is the most important factor, not only in your strokes but in your movements, at the higher level the strokes are faster

Q. You are in top 100, but just being in Russia you have not been able to make the teams?

Yes true, if I was a player in any other country I would have got to play the Olympics and the Fed Cup, but our team is so strong and we have so many players, so one has to make the team on complete merit. But I feel Competition makes us better, it pushes you to do well it’s a good thing and positive to have better players in your country.

Q. Tashkent Open over the last six years, your view?

I feel comfortable here , I like the food atmosphere and the people , the organizational level of the event is of high quality too , like I said I will be back here till I win the title and maybe even after that


Birth Place:Bad Segeberg, Germany
Plays:Right Handed (Double Handed Backhand)

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