Interview of the Day - Urszula Radwanska

15 September 2011

Urszula Radwanska the 20 year old youngster from Poland , has come through two close matches in two days, yesterday she overcame local star Akgul Amanmuradova and today she scraped past another experienced player Eleni Daniilidou to make it her first ever semi-final on the WTA calendar of events.
Radwanska spoke to Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent Open Media team after her win and entry into the semi finals.

Q. About your match today , too close for comfort isn’t it ?
I knew from the beginning that the match was going to be tough , I had lost to Eleni from being up a match point last time and this was on my mind. A few games in the third set made me a little jittery but I stuck on played sensibly . Also the conditions were tough it was windy and also Eleni served and utilised her backhand slice very well.

Q. Today’s match was quite a battle and you just lost you way in the second set?
I started pushing the ball in the second set waiting for her mistakes , but I really don’t know why I changed my strategy from being aggressive in the first set.

Q. Having coming through two close back to back matches , you must be tired ?
Yes it was two close matches and I’m a bit tired ,also I have a bad blister which was troubling me in the match , I have got it taped and I’m feeling okay now

Q. You are in the semi-finals and now against the top seed next ?
Pervak has had easy matches so far and difficult for me , but I’m going to do my best and try and make it to the finals. I’m happy that the winner will be getting a car as gift for the winner and wont mind taking it with me to Poland.

Q. You had a brilliant career as a junior , but as a senior life has not been as easy for you ?
Yes true, It has been tough for me in the seniors , I have been struggling with injuries , i have been off and on the Tour because of back problems, I have had operation which has kept me out for six months . it was troubling me a bit in the first part of the year a, but I’m ok now. I will give it my best shot from now on , reaching the semi finals here is the first step.

Q You are from illustrious tennis family and your sister is on the top, do you feel the peer pressure and comparison?
Yes it is pretty tough for me , everyone wants me to emulate her . I’m going the different way , She has reached there faster and I’m a little slow reaching there , but our goals and destination are the same. I’m doing it my way.
Sometimes I do feel the pressure and feel bad , but I guess I have to deal it my way which I normally do.

Q . You have played with your sister in doubles , do you like playing with her ?
Yes we play together and I like playing with her k, we are both playing in different events and tough to play at tournaments because of different schedules , but once I start playing the events that she is playing we will be playing more often

Q. Your thoughts on the Tashkent Open?
I have been coming here for around three years ,and for sure the vent is getting better and better, the level of competition is going up. The players party was excellent and the facilities are good, I like coming here and will continue to do so.