Interview of the day - Victoria Larriere

14 September 2011

20 year old Victoria Larriere has come into her first ever WTA event as a qualifier. On her debut at the Tashkent Open this year Victoria has made it to the quarterfinals accounting for fifth seeded Magdelana Rybarikova .
Having won her first ever $50,000 ITF event in Turkey before coming here , Victoria is enjoying a dream run making a dream debut . Wanting to start the year under 300 , Victoria is living a dream.

She spoke to Sunder Iyer of the Tashkent Open Media Team about her progress at the event and her future plans.

Q. First ever tour event and you are in the last eight and that too defeating a top 100 player?
Yes I’m elated , My first top 100 win I had no pressure going into the match . I just realised you don’t have to play unbelievable but play solid and thats what I did. I’m happy with the way I’m playing and hope to do even better in the next round

Q Having come through qualifiers and now the main draw , how are you coping up?
First of all I’m thrilled that I just won my first ever $50000 event a month back , even before this has sunk I qualified for the Tashkent Open which made me happier n, but making it to the quarterfinals of a Tour event on debut is like a dream coming true. I’m just trying to stay focussed and play match by match. This is a big opportunity for me.

Q. You played the ITF and now the Tour event , you must be really finding a difference?
Of course it’s just different , the atmosphere is different , the players are different , the conditions are different . The competition is more intense , players practise more , there are ball boys , linesmen from qualies it’s all so different from the events I have been playing so far . I feel getting closer to the top .

Q. Suddenly you will be getting a lot of points which will propel your rankings?
At the moment I’m not thinking about points , I started the year wanting to be in the Top 300 ,I achieved it now i want to move into top 200 and playing the Grand Slam qualies next year is my first goal.

Q. What difference did you notice between the level of players and how do you plan to work on achieving it?
I surely think one can keep improving all the time, I need experience , dealing on playing important points, and playing well at key moments . I need to hit the ball early , move to the net more often , there is so much to learn , but I’m sure I will try and do it.

Q . How tough has been for you to reach here?
Very tough for me even to reach here . I also had to be off tennis for two years, before I started training . But I’m happy I used the time to complete my college. I then started playing events nearby and difficult to raise the money , but my family supported me and I decided to play the year out , this is my first full year on the tennis tour , but in all i learnt a lot and this has made me mentally strong.

Q. You spoke of Education How important it is for youngsters ?
I had no option because my family was all for me getting educated first , I’m a economics student and I completed college. I feel very confident as a tennis player that I have something to fall back on if my career doesn’t work , it gives me great degree of confidence.