Interview of the day - ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA

23 September 2010

Twenty-three year old and 103rd ranked Alla Kudryavtseva had the distinction of scoring the second upset of the quarterfinals when she knocked out home favourite Agkul Amanmuradova. In doing so the seventh seeded Kudryavtseva joined teammates Elena Vesnina and Evgeniya Rodina to make it a Russian domination in the Tashkent Open.

Alla, the daughter of world Greco Roman champion Alexander Kudryavtseva, has so far had the best two weeks of the 2010 season. After completing her win over close friend Agkul, Kudryavtseva spoke to the Tashkent Open Media Team (TOMT) on varied topics which covered her present and future.

Excerpts from the Interview
By Micky Aigner/ Sunder Iyer
Tashkent Open Media Team.

Q: What are your first feelings about the match against Agkul?
Agkul is a good friend of mine. I had to face her early and I tried not to think that she was favourite at home. I guess I did well with that. I hope she can come back again and do well, reach the final maybe.

Q: You seemed to trail during your match – 0-3 in the first set then in the tiebreaker. What happened ?
It took me a while to get used to the serve, then the court. You know it is my second tourney in a row and I guess I was getting tired. It took a while to get focused, but then as the match progressed I began moving so well which I did not expect to do so. Thereafter, my serve began working, my forehand also began to work everything was getting good. She in the meanwhile began to pick up and we got to the tie-breaker. I got a really good first point then she crashed my serve then it was two good points from me, three from her then 3 good points from me 1 from her it was a difficult match. It was good quality tennis. I actually served bad in the tiebreaker.

Q: The current season does not show big results in your profile?
I just came out of a final last week that’s as close as I got, It is my second semifinal, I am very happy by the way I am play and the way my trip to Tashkent has been along with the draw as well. I guess it is all falling in place for me. I’ve been in the Top-100 for the last 4 years and it is really unlucky that I’ve only made it to the quarter finals so far in this season, but now with the semis I know that finally it’s happening and I am happy about it.

Q: You are the daughter of an illustrious world wrestling champ. How does it feel?
It feels great. Whenever I am struggling and I have a question to ask I go to him. It’s not that I go with tennis problems, but when I am feeling fatigue, nervous or when something goes wrong I approach him as a sportsperson. He knows what he did in his time and is a great help to me with the mental aspect. It is really big. Likewise, it is not right to go to him every time for I know that it is there in my subconscious mind that I have to prove I am an athlete as well.

Q: You speak good English..
Yes, I have been training in Florida for the past four years.

Q: You seem to be a player of big tournaments?
I remember when I started playing as a professional and played Challengers, I just could not put myself together in the $10,000 prize money tournaments, but then all of sudden when I played my first $75,000 tournament I was in the quarterfinals right away. So I have always been like that… the bigger the tournament, the more exciting it gets to play and the further I went into the draw the more exciting it got.

Q: Do you know that there are 3 Russians and 1 Romanian in semis?
Oh! That’s Really cool. It happens a lot tour events . I guess the presence of a lot of Russian in a draw puts a lot of pressure on the rest of the seeds.

Q: How do you read into your run in the semis and your views about all semifinalists?
I am taking it match by match and I am not looking further. It has been a long run for me. The road so far seems to be like a one two-week tournaments and it seems like it is my own personal Grand Slam tourney. I hope to continue the good work. Niculescu has been a Top-100 player for number of years and is hungry for wins and so far has had a very spectacular year, which she surely will want to prove herself. Vesnina has been in numerous finals and she finished the 2009 season in the Top-30. Ok she’s had injuries let her down this year, but what I mean is she is a fantastic player and is going to be a great competitor as well. About my opponent Rodina I don’t have a good score with her so I am hoping to just go out there and make it better.