Interview of the day - EVGENIYA RODINA

23 September 2010

21 year old Evgeniya Rodina currently ranked 109, made it to the last Four at the Tashkent Open , her best ever Tour performance. Once ranked a Career high 87th in 2008, Rodina’s career did not take off in contrast to her talent. Bogged down with physical problems , she’s made a great comeback into the Tour . She spoke to the Tashkent Media Team on her match and lot of other subjects.

By Micky Aigner/ Sunder Iyer
Tashkent Open Media Team

Q: You are the first player to reach the semifinals here today , how was your game against Stefanie Voegele?
The match was close and both of us tried very hard .In the third set I began playing an aggressive game, which helped me to end the match rather easily and then continued playing so in the third set as well. I was playing her for the first time on hard court.

Q: Is this your best result of the season?
Yes it is one of the best results of my career reaching the Last 4 at an WTA Tour event and my best show at the Tashkent Open after making it to the quarterfinals in 2005 in the four times I played here.

Q: You don’t seem to have played a lot of tournaments this year?
I had a lot of injuries to deal with. In fact I was out of action for six months because I underwent an appendix operation which in turn restricted me totally. Also I was without coach and low on confidence.

Q: Do you have a coach now ?
I did not have a coach for a long period, but now I do have one in Denis Shteyngart who hails from Moscow and we have known each other for long time.

Q: Can you tell us about our plans for the season?
I must see how my shoulder shapes up it’s paining right now.I will be going for a MRI once I go back home . But the Kremlin Cup is a tournament that I will surely play. Beyond that I have not planned anything.

Q: Back in 2007 you were a Grand Slam winner in doubles. You haven’t played too much doubles since then?
Yes I have not played doubles much as I have been concentrating more on my singles. I like singles and that is my priority for now despite well aware that a lot of Russians are playing the circuit and finding a partner is not difficult.

Q: You are also a good student , Is studies as important as playing tennis?
Yes indeed I do think it is very important to be studying as well, which I am trying to do as much.

Q: How do you manage studying and playing together?
It’s tough for sure, but I do try to manage to somehow balance both and that’s because I have friends who help me out. But it is difficult to manage both.

Q: What would you do if you did not play tennis?
Tennis is my life and I cannot think what would I do if I had not played tennis .Well I don’t know, but apart from tennis my hobbies are reading books. I also like to swim and also love dogs. I own a Bassett hound.

Q: What changes do you see in the Tashkent Open?
I think that this tournament is great. I have never had any problems anytime I have come here. The organizers of the tournament are great yes there are a lot of positives about the event, importantly they care about the players.